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When I moved back to Indonesia, my father's home, I re-discovered Jamu and fell in love with the potency of herbs to heal our bodies naturally. As a fitness and lifestlye content creator, I love to inspire people to live their best lives and become the best version of themselves, for themselves and for the world. But I know that inspiration has to start with me. Every single one of us can make a conscious decision to having a sustainable life. Fast forward a couple of years, I adopted a Vegan diet and began researching on the ways I can keep me and my family healthy and nourished from mother nature. I found that most of the shelves are stacked with pills - which I was averse to swallowing. There needed to be a better, more fun alternative to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy. That's when I decided to co-create First Day, the first Jamu Multivatim Gummies. Made by mother nature and backed by science

Jennifer Bachdim, Co-Founder

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