At what age can I start consuming First Day vitamins

We recommend minimum age of 5 to avoid choking hazard. But our vitamins are kid-safe and kid-happy! Basically you can start to take it on the first day of school! Children below the age of 10 may take 2 gummies a day. 

Are the vitamins inside First Day products bioavailable?

Yes we always use the bioavailable forms of Vitamins and Minerals that can actually be absorbed by the body. For example we use Acetyl Ascorbic Acid for Vitamin C. Some multivitamins are low in efficiency because the body cannot absorb those vitamins. Furthermore, the vitamins that are naturally found in our superfoods are 100% bioavailable. 

Are First Day products vegan?

Our gummies are 100% vegan-friendly product. Produced by a manufacturer that is certified by Food-Lab Taipe, Taiwan. So, rest assured! As for our liquid jamu, we also only use plant-based ingredients to supercharge your life!

Gummies contain gelatin, how can gummies be vegan?

We wanted to ensure that First Day could be enjoyed by everyone and developed a gummy with carrageenan rather than gelatin. Gelatin usually provides the structure and binding of gummy, but carrageenan also offers the same qualities. As Carrageenan is a compound extracted from seaweed, it’s a great vegan alternative to animal-based gelatin.

Where do you source your Jamu / Superfoods?

We source our jamu superfoods from Indonesian farmers, giving back to the farmers and increasing their livelihoods. We work together with ethical processing factories and medical standard manufacturers to create our products. 

How many carbohydrates are in First Day products?

One gummy only has 3g of carbohydrates. We need the saccharide sugar to retain the structure. But we are continually researching on how to minimize the sugar in our gummies. 

Are First Day gummies unisex?

For sure! We don't have any hormones in our gummies. 

How many gummies can I take in a day?

We know our gummies are that delicious. But please don't eat more than 10 in a day.

How do I take First Day gummies?

You can take our gummies before or after food, but the best is to keep it within one hour of food intake (before or after). 

Why do I need to take First Day each day?

Our gummies are high grade nutrition. Taking 3 a day will take you to meet your daily requirements for the Vitamins that we put on the label. 

I am pregnant. Can I continue to take First Day?

Don't worry. Our gummies are safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What will happen if I stop taking First Day? 

There are no side effects if you stop using First Day, except that your body will no longer receive the vitamins required to achieve the desired effect. 

Can gummy be used as medicine? Can I take it if I have a medical condition?

If you have a serious internal condition, we suggest you ask your medical practitioner on the vitamins you should be taking. First Day aims to support a healthy lifestyle but is not a replacement for medication.

How do you determine the Vitamins in each gummy during formulation?

Our in-house nutritionist and farmacists determine the vitamins that can support one another and not cause any side effects during interaction. We sample different vitamin mixes and then go to multiple independent laboratories to check for bioavailability. 

Do you test on animals?

No. As we love our animal friends very dearly, we can guarantee you that our products are all 100% animal cruelty-free!

Are First Day products halal?

Yes, our produtcs are certified with halal certification.

How should I store my gummies?

Store your First Day in the closed bottle in a cool, dry place at room temperature. There’s no need to store your First Day in the refrigerator, and this may even affect the structure of the gummies.


How do I order First Day products?

Currently, you can order our products directly from our website. You can also check our online and offline partnership.

Where can I find nearest First Day retail store?

We sell our products online for the time being. But we always update the online and offline store for you. 

How long will it take to get my order?

The First Day team always work on your orders ASAP. Once your order is in our system, you will receive a confirmation email. It can take 1-3 days for the courier to register your order/shipment. For further inquiries, please contact us directly at

Can I change or cancel my order?

Unfortunately, you can’t change or cancel any order that you have made. This rule also applies if you want to change recipient address

How do I track my online order?

To track your shipment progress, please click on the link in your email.

It’s been long but I haven’t received my package. What should I do?

Once we send your package to the courier, we are no longer responsible for the delivery of your package. We suggest you to try contacting the courier by giving them your order details.

Where do you ship to?

First Day currently only ships nationwide across Indonesia only. But don't worry, we're working had to bring our products around the world very soon! Hit us up on our IG @firstdaygummies and let us know where you are!

What is the delivery period?

You can expect your products to arrive between 3-5 days. 


How do I become a First Day Partnership?

Please fill out the form here to apply or contact our whatsapp for further info

Can anyone be a partnership?

We will review your application and get back to you shortly. If you have question, please let know us at

Is there any limit quantity of seller in every city?

Yes, we will limit some sellers in one city, but don't worry we will review your application first, if you're eligible but the slot has already full, you still can be considered to join this program

Is there any special price for joining #FirstDayFamily?

Yes, we do have special price for you to gain more profit and special limited offer for those who join our program before launch. please contact our whatsapp for further info

Can i order the product by consignment?

Unfortunately, for now we can not do consignment in this program

When do i get the product after purchase?

Product shipping maximum 7 days after given confirmation purchased from FIRST DAY Team

If there is any product is broken, can i have the new one?

You can return the broken product or different based on your purchase order by send the photo and video to our team, also it is valid maximum 3 working days after product received

How about shipping cost for returned product?

The cost will be on FIRST DAY

How can i have a problem or complain about my order?

You can contact us through Whatsapp or email us, and we will contact you within 1 x 24 Hr

How about shipping cost for returned product?

The cost will be on FIRST DAY

How can i have a problem or complain about my order?

You can contact us through Whatsapp or email us, and we will contact you within 1 x 24 Hr